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We accept cadavers for post-mortem examinations from small animals including dogs, cats, rabbits and rodents to large animals including farm, zoo and equine, as well as birds, reptiles, fish and other small exotic species.
Post-mortem examination being carried out in Veterinary Pathology Centre

For a printable map showing detailed delivery directions, please click here.

All post-mortem cases will be examined by our board certified pathologists. As a teaching institution, private post-mortem submissions are used to facilitate teaching our final year veterinary students on their pathology rotation.  As such, the animal may be kept frozen until it is of maximum educational benefit and the turnaround time for receipt of the final report may be up to 6-8 weeks.  Please communicate this to the client before submitting for examination.  For urgent cases (for example, if other animals may be affected), please phone to discuss.

Gross post-mortem examination and routine histopathology for up to 5 tissues will be included in the standard fees which are based on species and weight as shown in our post-mortem price structure. Additional tests recommended in the initial report will be charged only following approval by the submitting veterinary surgeon. Our standard pricing for post-mortem examinations can be found here.
We accept cadavers for post-mortem examination from small animals including dogs, cats, rabbits and rodents as well as birds, reptiles, fish and other small exotic species.  Our purpose-built facilities also enable us to accept large animal species including farm, zoo and equine. Advance notification will be required for any intended post-mortem submission so that we can coordinate delivery and properly manage logistics. All cases must be accompanied by a completed signed submission form
Disposal will be by either individual or communal cremation. We cannot return animals for burial after post-mortem examination and we do not carry out cosmetic post-mortem examinations.

Communal Cremation

For routine communal cremation there is an additional cost based on the weight of the animal in kilograms. Prior to post-mortem examination, animals will be weighed to determine a specific final cost. If this is significantly different to the estimated weight entered on the submission form, we will contact you.

Individual Cremation

If an individual cremation is requested please indicate this on the Submission Form. This will need to be arranged directly with the provider, by the owner or other responsible party, and will be subject to additional fees payable directly to the pet cremation company. Remains will only be released by the Veterinary Pathology Centre to a licensed pet crematorium. We will liaise with the pet cremation provider regarding transfer of the animal once we have the authorised party’s instructions and authorisation to do so.
Remains will be stored for up to three months from the date that the final post mortem report is issued, at no charge. After three months, storage of remains will incur a £25 per month charge. After six months of no collection, remains will be communally cremated with no ashes returned to the owners. A final communication will be emailed to the submitting veterinary practice prior to this disposal.

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